Adult Trikes Provides Extra Stability in Earthquake Like Conditions

Description: Tricycles are gaining popularity as an alternative form of transportation and exercise, but not a lot of people realize how beneficial it really is. Read further to find out the benefits that you can get from a three wheel bike, and how you can use this to match your lifestyle.

Riding a three wheel bike is becoming more and more popular these days, even if bicycles have been popular since time immemorial. Cycling as an activity is something that’s not only limited to competitive sports, because a lot of people hop in two (or in this case, three) wheels to get around places, enjoy some fresh air, and burn some calories.

The Adult tricycle is something worth looking into as an alternative to the more common bicycle, and here are 5 benefits that explain why:

1. Health and fitness

Cycling is good for cardiovascular health, and when you do it regularly, you will have a happier and healthier heart. Depending on your pace, you can treat cycling as one of the best aerobic exercises you can ever undergo. This helps you in your weight loss and fitness goals, and leads to improved overall health. Of course, you don’t have to treat it as an intense exercise per se, but riding a Three wheel bike regularly can still give you the minimum physical activity that your body needs.

  1. Increased mobility

In a day and age when public transportation could get very crowded and the streets even more so, Tricycles for adults could be a great alternative for going around. When you’re on three wheels instead of four, you get to weave through traffic and get to places easier. It’s also a lot better than walking, because you arrive at your destination faster. This increased mobility is one of the reasons why more and more people are turning to cycling as a form of transportation to work and to school.

  1. Comfort

The Adult tricycle is designed to be more comfortable than the regular bicycle, because you’ll find that the seat is broader and even padded. This is perfect for those with back problems and those who find that riding bicycles for long periods of time can get uncomfortable. The broader seat also makes sure that your weight is evenly distributed, helping you ride longer and even making the ride an enjoyable one.

  1. Coordination and balance

Cycling is all about balance and coordination. However, not everyone is as good at cycling as others, and this is precisely why not everyone knows how to balance themselves in a two-wheeled bicycle. The advantage of having three wheels instead of two is that the third wheel helps you practice your coordination better. The more you ride the tricycle, the more your balance improves.

  1. Outdoor recreation

Tricycles for adults can be a source of outdoor recreation, and its function should not only be limited to moving around the different parts of town and losing unwanted pounds. This is an age of technology, and when we say recreation people sometimes limit it to playing games in front of a computer or spending hours watching television shows. With a tricycle at hand, we can bring back the beauty of outdoor recreation and just enjoy the sunshine, fresh breeze and outdoor sights.